500+ Million Producers
7+ Billion People
3+ Trillion Dollars


The USDA estimates of every $1 spent by consumers on the agricultural value chain, only $.085 goes to the farmer.


The FAO estimates that in the agricultural value chain 33% of all outputs are wasted.

Intermediaries control power with a barrier around communication, marketing and finance, thereby separating the two key stakeholders; producers and consumers.

From the farmer to the consumer there can exist wholesalers, brokers, distributors, retailers, importers, exporters, sales representatives, and brands, many of which take excessive profits on top of their operating costs.

Producers Token is solving this age-old problem of producer exploitation.

We are digitizing, tokenizing and decentralizing the agriculture value chain.

By uniting producers on a smart value chain, and providing them with free digital technology and digital marketing tools it will unlock greater consistency, profitability and capital resources.

The smart value chain

The building of our smart value chain and the accompanying contextual database of producers and buyers is designed to consistently replace intermediaries with Producers owned platforms or transform the role of the intermediary from a profit maximizing center, to a transparent, cost-plus service provider to a united network of producers.

Designed for producer profit maximization and value chain empowerment.

Integrating a digital toolkit of innovative technologies to generate the greatest possible impact for producers.

Producers is focused on developing and providing profit enhancing technologies built around cryptocurrency, smart contracts, traceability, peer to peer financing, universal funnels, data analytics and social media so that producers can focus on producing!

Platform Pieces

1 ProducersMarket

Producers Market is the centerpiece of our Producers Token holding. It is the intersection point between consumers, wholesale buyers, and our producer members. It is where the smart contracts are created, information is uploaded to the blockchain, data is collected, and in the future where transactions with digital currency occur. It is the meeting point of energies and exchanges and represents the transition from the physical realm into the digital, and vice versa on an intimate global scale.

2 Farmtoken

Producers Token is building the leading platform for the tokenization and exchange of agricultural and natural resource assets. Producers Token works with its Producers Market members to solicit and vet tokenization opportunities. FarmToken currently is focused on three categories of tokenized assets:

  • Tokenization of a farm and/or facility asset that is already in operation.
  • Tokenization of a new or expanding farm and/or facility development not currently in operation.
  • Tokenization of a natural resource asset for regeneration and/or conservation.

Platform Functionality

Once a user makes it onto our digital platforms they are directed to either the Producers Market B2B or B2C sales platform or the FarmToken tokenized asset platform. Producers generates its profit margin from a .5% smart contract fee on all sales transactions, and from a 10% ownership stake in all tokenized assets developed on the FarmToken platform.

Our team has developed an eight step strategy for the implementation of our corporate vision.

Our Roadmap

Management team and advisors

Management Team

Keith Agoada

Keith Agoada

Executive Director

Keith speaks four languages: English, Spanish, Producer, and Buyer. Keith’s passion for supporting producers is the initial inspiration behind the Producers Market platform.

Dermot Doherty

Dermot Doherty


Dermot Doherty has spent the previous 17-years building pro- prietary digital platforms and systems which are being trans- muted to form the Producers Market system.

Jeff Silver

Jeff Silver


Jeff has been involved in over fifty closed corporate finance transactions with an aggregate deal size exceeding $10 billion.

Daniel Martin

Daniel Martin


With a decade of operations experience in both corporate and Latin America, combined with a passion for sustainable agricultural trade, Daniel is in charge of the day-to-day operations for Producers Market.

Leonel Chavez

Leonel Chavez

Producer Relations & Sourcing Team Leader Mexico

Leonel maintains strong relationships with farmers in Mexico and across Latin America, and is in charge of integrating Latin American suppliers into the Producers Market platform.

Jacqueline Evanoff

Jacqueline Evanoff

Director of Humanitarian Alliances

Jacqueline Evanoff is the Director of Humanitarian Alliances for Producers Token. She is also co-founder and director of humanitarian technology development for Tachyon Aerospace and is a ambassador for the Great Green Wall Project

Strategic Advisors

Wendy Diamond

Wendy Diamond

Inspiring governments, business leaders and producers of organic products to embrace Producers Market to create a better world. She is also the CEO and founder of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization as well as the founder of Animal Fair Media

Christopher Robb

Christopher Robb

Chris is a visionary brand concept designer and is advising on brand identities for Producers Market and other company owned brands.

Zachery Ty Bryan

Zachery Ty Bryan

Zach is a highly seasoned entertainment, media, and production professional as well as an early Bitcoin adopter. He is now strategically advising crypto and blockchain companies.

Dr. Aris LaTham

Dr. Aris LaTham

Global Ambassador

Dr. Aris is a world renowned Master Raw Food Chef and originator of Sunfired Foods. He is considered to be the father of gourmet ethical raw foods cuisine in America and in his role as Global Ambassador, Dr. Aris will be educating and promoting healthy lifestyles on behalf of Producers Token.

Join us in building a value chain of producer and consumer empowerment

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